Firefighting is a career of extremes that cannot be left at the office. Firefighters deal with life and death on a daily basis and are usually unable to debrief completely before heading home. Many firefighters find it difficult, if not impossible, to discuss work with their loved ones. We combine both on-duty and off-duty topics to provide firefighters with the tools required to deal with the stressors of firefighting.

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When the stress doubles, we double the coping mechanisms. Having worked with emergency services for over 20 years, I have learned a thing or two about critical incident stress.  We generally associate it as the stress coming from the collected sights, sounds, and moral dilemmas not normally faced by the regular public.  Jeffrey Mitchell, himself …

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What Matters As A Firefighter

What will matter thirty years from now? You must decide today if being injured or killed is part of the job. I pray that none of you are ever faced with a World Trade Center event. Since that infamous day, which we all vicariously experienced,  the fire service now has a new understanding of what is possible. Your job over the next thirty years is to act on the probable to ensure your safety, health, and survival.

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Expect Anxiety

When our system becomes disrupted, our emotional and nervous systems respond as if we are in danger. We may not realize we are stressed but wonder why we are so energized. The answer lies in the dynamic of cause and effect. Threat means adrenaline. Adrenaline is that rocket fuel that makes us run fast and …

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Find And Keep A Good Therapist

By: Jeffrey Hosick We see people at the worst moments of their lives. We see things we have no way to rationalize. I have been in the counselling business for 30 years and a firefighter for almost 25 years. I credit my longevity with having a therapist. Even though I am one myself, I need …

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Canine Therapy: Brad Dodd Story

Brad’s choice to work with dogs came naturally to him, but his goal took determination and work to achieve. His goal was designed to help others, but it also ended up helping Brad recognize his own personal struggles.

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