Fitness is a key ingredient to a long, healthy firefighting career. The prevention of injuries is provided in the framework of fitness. Enhancing the fitness regimes of those who are already on the fitness train, while inspiring those who aren’t to join in. We aim to provide effective firefighter exercises and training workouts, the latest diet and nutrition recommendations, and awareness about the importance of developing a healthy mind, body, and soul connection.


Return to Firefighting Operations: 5 Phases to Help Plan Your Comeback

Firefighting is a demanding job that requires us to be response-ready when the call comes in. Unfortunately, many of us experience physical injuries in our careers that send us to the sidelines for an extended period. I have personally experienced this several times over my career, and I have found it helpful to map out the “Return to Firefighting Operations” in 5 Phases.

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5 Ways You May Be Doing Mobility Exercises Wrong

Do you ever feel like you’re taking the time to stretch but aren’t getting any more flexible? You’re not alone. Most firefighters believe mobility exercises are good for them, so why is it that most also struggle with flexibility? If you aren’t seeing success, it’s likely not what you are doing but how you are doing it.

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Welcome Back to Working Out Firefighter

We’ve all worked out at some point because we’ve all endured Fire Training. But maybe it’s been a while and you’re ready to get back to working out. Here are seven key things to do to ensure your first few workouts get you back in the groove in a healthy, safe way.

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Band Together For Stronger Legs

A personal trainer friend of mine once said that legs are one of the best tools for building legs. His point: Don't underestimate the power of your own body weight for improving lower body strength.

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