Fitness is a key ingredient to a long, healthy firefighting career. The prevention of injuries is provided in the framework of fitness. Enhancing the fitness regimes of those who are already on the fitness train, while inspiring those who aren’t to join in. We aim to provide effective firefighter exercises and training workouts, the latest diet and nutrition recommendations, and awareness about the importance of developing a healthy mind, body, and soul connection.


Welcome Back to Working Out Firefighter

We’ve all worked out at some point because we’ve all endured Fire Training. But maybe it’s been a while and you’re ready to get back to working out. Here are seven key things to do to ensure your first few workouts get you back in the groove in a healthy, safe way.

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Band Together For Stronger Legs

A personal trainer friend of mine once said that legs are one of the best tools for building legs. His point: Don't underestimate the power of your own body weight for improving lower body strength.

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Are You Training For Resilience?

Resilience. The buzzword that everyone thinks about when it comes to first responders. It is suggested that today’s firefighters and frontline responders have to be resilient, but what does that actually mean? 

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6 Steps for Choosing Your Firefighter Workout Program

We have been talking recently about firefighters as tactical athletes, and strategies to develop the “Athlete’s Mindset”. The second strategy to consider is selecting a periodized physical training plan. Here are 6 steps to consider when choosing the firefighter workout program that is right for you:

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