Firefighters are aware of the statistics linking firefighter deaths to preventable diseases and illnesses caused by unhealthy lifestyles. One of the leading causes of firefighter deaths is heart attacks. “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” Bringing answers to the modern firefighter’s burning health questions, we aim to help firefighters identify and put into practice better health choices to increase your chances at a healthier wellbeing with disease and illness free careers and retirements.

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Absolving Yourself of Guilt

It’s very difficult having so much responsibility. What is yours? What is not? For all the lives and property you save, for all the people you help, it is often that one that you couldn’t save, or whose outcome was dire, that brings guilt into your heart. It’s hard to shoulder the weight of having someone’s life or livelihood in your hands. 

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Is Your Emotional Bank Full?

When was the last time a significant other said, “You treat the general public better than you treat me?” Ouch. And the follow-up to that question is this response, “They pay my salary!” Well, it is a fair question, and depending on who the significant other is, it might carry much more significance. However, I do not endorse that response as it carries a lot of pain and anguish. 

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The Power of TRE for Firefighters: A Natural Solution to Combat Trauma

In 2020, a significant health awakening prompted me to address my nervous system before my symptoms and overall health deteriorated any further. In my search for tools and strategies to regain my well-being, I discovered a self-care gem: Tension and Trauma Releasing Exercises (TRE®). After just a few sessions with a certified provider, I felt a remarkable improvement in my well-being. This experience inspired me to become an accredited provider and share this incredible tool with other first responders.

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The Mind-Body Connection

It took a lot of trial and error with a big emphasis on the error part, to figure out just who I would be when I finally grew up. Along the way, I had many obstacles to overcome.

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Flipping the Script on Reactive Support (From Behind the Line S1E1)

As a trauma therapist who works with First Responders and Front Line Workers, I get a unique vantage point and the opportunity to hear what is really coming up for those of you serving on the front lines. Consistently, one of the complaints I hear about involves the ways in which access to support tends to be reactive and the ways this misses the mark.

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Thoughts on Therapy for Firefighters

When firefighters think of psychotherapy, they might picture someone lying on a leather chaise lounge while a cross-legged therapist peers over his glasses, frowns and asks, “How does that really make you feel?” But have you heard of talk therapy?

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Are You Emotionally Stunted?

We’re all adults here, aren’t we? Or are we? Do you sometimes think your partner behaves like a spoiled child? Might they describe you the same way? Do arguments that start small quickly escalate to shouting matches, crying and stony silences? 

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