Firefighters are aware of the statistics linking firefighter deaths to preventable diseases and illnesses caused by unhealthy lifestyles. One of the leading causes of firefighter deaths is heart attacks. “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” Bringing answers to the modern firefighter’s burning health questions, we aim to help firefighters identify and put into practice better health choices to increase your chances at a healthier wellbeing with disease and illness free careers and retirements.

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Turn the Heat up with Hot Yoga

Hot yoga—usually practicing Hatha or vinyasa at about 104 degrees F for about an hour— has become popular in recent years but buy-in from the fire service is still a challenge. Hot Yoga is not just stretching, it's purposeful movement, and it has something for everyone. 

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Is it a Myth or Reality? Knee Injuries in Female Firefighters 

When looking at injuries among firefighters over the last decade, we have seen a gradual decline in overall injuries (NFPA – Firefighter Injuries on the Fireground 2022).  When looking at musculoskeletal injuries specifically, most might think that low back injuries account for the majority of recorded injuries.  However, the lower extremity accounts for 19% of recorded injuries with the upper extremity accounting for 17%, the shoulder 12%, and the spine accounting for 3% (NFPA – Firefighter Injuries on the Fireground 2022).  When looking at lower extremity injuries, the knee is the most injured joint.  

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Response Time Matters

Like a fire, firefighters can catch cancer early to prevent its spread and increase survivability. Response Time Matters continues the momentum of causing a cultural shift in the fire service to address cancer risk and encourage timely medical attention. 

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Just Add Ice: Benefits of Ice Bathing for Firefighters

I’ll be honest when I first began seeing videos of social media personalities such as Wim Hof sitting in cold ice water, I thought it was just another kooky angle to gain followers and attention online. I was wrong. Dr. Susanna Soeberg sums up the benefits quite nicely, “Cure bad stress with good stress.” 

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