Firefighters face many daily uncertainties. All too often, media coverage of a fire call or accident causes us to re-live the traumas we have witnessed, making it impossible to enjoy a normal and healthy life while off duty and away from the hall. We focus on topics surrounding travel, entertainment, transportation and the lighter side of firefighting (humor, camaraderie, and secrets of the trade).


Can You Take A Joke?

“The funniest comedians in the world are in firehouses,” says Brian Quinn. Let’s face it, a firehouse is a breeding ground for friendly humor and practical jokes. Having a joke played on you means you’re part of the family, you’ve made the cut, and you now have a cool story about how you lost your eyebrows. 

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Nature as Medicine

There’s a strong correlation between exposure to nature and positive health outcomes. But how much nature do you need to lower your stress level, lift your spirits and protect your health? 

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Healthy Living with the Frontier X2 

Nobody understands the value of lifesaving equipment more than the brave army of individuals we call first responders. When it comes to these high-stakes situations, it is plain to see the pivotal role that protective gear and modern machinery play in saving lives.  But, lives are saved in many ways, and a lot of the time it’s not in such explicitly dangerous situations. Cardiovascular Disease is the leading cause of mortality globally, and the world of bio-engineering is attempting to slow this widespread killer by offering us the lifesaving equipment that can combat it.

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We are the Fire Department

It was 2:00 A.M. We were sound asleep. Then, “Reeeee!" the pager by my bedside toned out. "Hondo, Rollover. I-25 at mile marker 290. Semi." Still half asleep, I got up, threw on my uniform, and left.

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Folds of Honor and Life Changing Scholarships

Folds of Honor has been providing life-changing scholarships to the spouses and children of fallen or disabled U.S. service members since 2007. The foundation has recently expanded its mission to America’s first responders including police, fire, EMTs, and paramedics.

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The Future of Fire – Continuous Therapeutic Management

What is continuous therapeutic management? This is an advanced approach to combating the physiological and cognitive disparities that firefighters put their bodies through. This is the method for addressing the issues that firefighters face and provides an actionable process if implemented for decreasing dual hazards faced by firefighters.

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How Do We Maintain Our Love For The Job?

This question was posed to me and I recall when initially joining as a career firefighter, our Fire Chief stood in front of our hiring class asking us to remember how we felt in that moment. She encouraged us to capture those feelings and shared that along our career journey, we may need to reflect on how proud we felt and remember why we took the oath to serve and protect. I have reflected on that moment numerous times. 

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