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Firefighters face many daily uncertainties. All too often, media coverage of a fire call or accident causes us to re-live the traumas we have witnessed, making it impossible to enjoy a normal and healthy life while off duty and away from the hall. We focus on topics surrounding travel, entertainment, transportation and the lighter side of firefighting (humor, camaraderie, and secrets of the trade).

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Beyond Bricks: Architect Robert Mitchell Designs Fire Stations with Safety at the Core

In an exclusive interview, Cres Guard sat down with Robert (Bob) Mitchell, an architect with Wendel Companies. With a remarkable career designing public safety facilities spanning back to 1993, Bob has been the creative mind behind the design of more than 200 fire and police stations. His years of experience and hundreds of municipal interactions have taught him much about public safety departments and their intricate operations.

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Healthy Living with the Frontier X2 

Nobody understands the value of lifesaving equipment more than the brave army of individuals we call first responders. When it comes to these high-stakes situations, it is plain to see the pivotal role that protective gear and modern machinery play in saving lives.  But, lives are saved in many ways, and a lot of the time it’s not in such explicitly dangerous situations. Cardiovascular Disease is the leading cause of mortality globally, and the world of bio-engineering is attempting to slow this widespread killer by offering us the lifesaving equipment that can combat it.

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A lot of us fall into the bad habit of using low-quality ear buds to listen to our music — often because they come with our phones or they’re a cheap replacement. The form factor and build of the tech you listen to music on — ear buds, over/on ear headphones or the isolating versions …

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