Firefighters face many daily uncertainties. All too often, media coverage of a fire call or accident causes us to re-live the traumas we have witnessed, making it impossible to enjoy a normal and healthy life while off duty and away from the hall. We focus on topics surrounding travel, entertainment, transportation and the lighter side of firefighting (humor, camaraderie, and secrets of the trade).

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Great Podcasts for Your Drive Home

Do you ever dread the commute? Stuck in traffic, the radio blasting the same tired playlists? It's time to reclaim your drive time! Turn your car into a classroom, a gym for your mind, or a laugh-out-loud zone with these fantastic podcasts perfectly suited for the journey to and from work.

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Can You Afford Not to Follow Your SOGs?

The truth is, it could be easy to overlook examining your simple policies and everyday tasks in the wake of more glaring and glooming risks. However, when you’re in the fire service, you can’t afford to do so. It’s important for every person in your department to understand that all of your policies and guidelines exist for a reason and that you’re never immune to experiencing the most severe consequence of any operation. We’re in a field that requires us to get it right, every time. 

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When Art Stands Next to Fire: Denny Kimball

For Denny Kimball, his first love was always art. Growing up in Seattle, he remembers his mom hand-drawing houses for real estate flyers or spinning wool and he took a keen interest in her passions. Throughout high school and college, he took art classes and was even accepted into a graphic design course, but changed his ambitions to focus on a career in firefighting.

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Building Her Own Box

Firefighters all have unique journeys with many stories to tell from the profession. For Clare Frank, her journey is anything but ordinary and she honors these experiences in her new book, Burnt: A Memoir of Fighting Fire.

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Firefighting and the Paranormal

"Have you ever had an experience you just couldn’t explain? Perhaps you’ve walked into an empty room at the firehouse and had the inexplicable feeling that you weren’t alone. Maybe the air felt strangely cold. Did you glimpse a face in the window when you knew no one was there?"

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The First Black Female Firefighter In The City of Columbia, South Carolina

Columbia, South Carolina, a city steeped in history, witnessed an unprecedented milestone on October 22, 1990—the induction of Chantè Coad into the revered ranks of the Columbia Fire Department. It wasn't just routine hiring; Coad’s induction into the department represented a seismic shift, a breakthrough that echoed far beyond the realms of employment, resonating as a testament to resilience, determination, and a beacon of groundbreaking achievement.

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Can You Take A Joke?

“The funniest comedians in the world are in firehouses,” says Brian Quinn. Let’s face it, a firehouse is a breeding ground for friendly humor and practical jokes. Having a joke played on you means you’re part of the family, you’ve made the cut, and you now have a cool story about how you lost your eyebrows. 

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Nature as Medicine

There’s a strong correlation between exposure to nature and positive health outcomes. But how much nature do you need to lower your stress level, lift your spirits and protect your health? 

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