Firefighters face many daily uncertainties. All too often, media coverage of a fire call or accident causes us to re-live the traumas we have witnessed, making it impossible to enjoy a normal and healthy life while off duty and away from the hall. We focus on topics surrounding travel, entertainment, transportation and the lighter side of firefighting (humor, camaraderie, and secrets of the trade).


Airfares: When to Fly, Where to Fly, When to Buy

Over the years, just about everybody has concluded that demand tends to be a bit less than average on midweek days -- Tuesdays and Wednesdays -- than for other days, and that mid-day and late-night fares may be a bit less than fares at morning and evening peak times.

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Celebrating 100 Years With The CSFA

Celebrating 100 years has the California State Firefighters Association beaming with pride as they reflect on the last 100 years and prepare for the next. Not many associations, let alone individuals, obtain the esteemed title of becoming a centennial, but the CSFA does so with honor as they attribute their noteworthy journey to the members and firefighters who volunteer their time and skills to the framework of the CSFA.

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Ed Perkins on Travel: Get the Most (or Lose the Least) in Foreign Exchange

With COVID-19 restrictions falling, chances are that many of you are considering a trip to Europe or Asia this summer. That means paying in euros, francs, yen, or whatever when you're at your destination. Unless you're a currency speculator, you'll almost always lose something in exchanging your dollars for whatever, but you can keep those losses to no more than around one percent.

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