Fitness is a key ingredient to a long, healthy firefighting career. The prevention of injuries is provided in the framework of fitness. Enhancing the fitness regimes of those who are already on the fitness train, while inspiring those who aren’t to join in. We aim to provide effective firefighter exercises and training workouts, the latest diet and nutrition recommendations, and awareness about the importance of developing a healthy mind, body, and soul connection.

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Chew on This

Many of us know the shape and general purpose of our main organs such as the stomach, liver, gallbladder, and small and large intestines, but there are other, lesser-known stages of digestion that tend to happen under the radar. 

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Five Nutritional Hacks for Tactical Athletes

The nutritional needs of the tactical athlete are, at their core, very similar to regular humans. That said, tactical athletes do have additional requirements due to their higher work demands. Essentially, everyone requires good foundational nutrition, and the tactical population also requires good operational nutrition habits. Here are a few “hacks” to help tactical athletes properly fuel their bodies. 

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Do You Eat To Impress?

What we eat as well as how much we eat are determined by a multitude of factors that go well beyond physical sustenance, such as culture, religion, income level, family, cooking skills and accessibility, to name a few. Social forces also play a significant role, especially when it comes to making healthier food choices.

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Foods to Fight Constipation

First responders are notorious for bad food and bathroom habits - mostly because we are constantly getting interrupted! Try some of these food suggestions to "grease the wheels" of your digestive system.

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