For Immediate Release                                                                May 2023

CRACKYL Partners with Fire Service Psychology Association

CRACKYL is proud to announce our new partnership with Fire Service Psychology Association – a nonprofit organization created to bridge the gap between professional psychology and the fire service. FSPA was founded by Dr. Kristen Wheldon, a licensed clinical psychologist with a passion for protecting and improving the behavioral health of firefighters and their families. Wheldon is currently the Director of Wheldon Psychological Services Inc. in South Pasadena, California where she provides direct psychological services to both firefighters, officers, and their families.

FSPA is excited to create a strategic partnership with Kory Pearn and his team at CRACKYL which will greatly enhance the bridge-building effort between the two companies. What should that bridge look like? One of our fire service members, Battalion Chief (Ret.) Robert Avsec puts it pretty succinctly in his elevator speech.”

“We're committed to informing and educating psychologists about the fire service culture, what firefighters do, and the trauma and stresses they are exposed to doing their job. We're also committed to informing and educating firefighters and officers about what professional psychology offers and what a psychologist can do to serve them.”

CRACKYL Media Inc. is the parent company of CRACKYL Magazine – a lifestyle & health magazine designed specifically for firefighters. Focusing on health, lifestyle, fitness, relationships, finance, and stress, CRACKYL is helping firefighters mitigate external factors that have the potential to affect their day-to-day health and happiness and supporting them as they achieve a balance between their personal life and the firehouse. Taking it one step further, CRACKYL is committed to helping fellow firefighters be successful both on and off duty. Each issue features content designed to explore different facets of life as a firefighter or member of a fire service family. At CRACKYL, we understand the importance of a team approach and we know that your team also extends to those who support you at home.

“What we aren’t changing, we’re choosing. I don't mean this as an individual but as the fire service collectively,” Kory Pearn, Creator and Publisher of CRACKYL Magazine.


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Kory Pearn

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CRACKYL Magazine is proud to announce our partnership with Brothers Helping Brothers - A non-profit organization providing equipment & education to small and rural firefighting deptartments in America.
CRACKYL Magazine is proud to partner with CVFSA, the only Canadian National Organization whose sole purpose is to represent volunteer fire and emergency first responders and volunteer EMS personnel.
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