CRACKYL Firefighter Magazine Print Subscription

CRACKYL Firefighter Magazine Print Subscription

(9 customer reviews)

$39.79 / year

One year print subscription – Get four print issues of CRACKYL Magazine delivered quarterly to your door or firehouse.


Get four print issues of CRACKYL Magazine delivered to your door step or at the firehouse. Each issue is filled with great content for firefighters covering our six pillars: Health, Fitness & Nutrition, Stress, Relationships, Finances, and Lifestyle. Sign-up today and find out what firefighters across North America are talking about!

(This is a one year print subscription)

9 reviews for CRACKYL Firefighter Magazine Print Subscription

  1. Fynn R.

    CRACKYL is an invaluable resource for firefighters across North America. The COVID-19 pandemic has put first responders in unimaginable circumstances, both physically and emotionally. The CRACKYL team has been there to provide thoughtful, high-quality content that prioritizes the well-being of firefighters and their communities.

  2. Danielle at First In Wellness (verified owner)

    We love CRACKYL magazine! The articles are not only educational, but entertaining to read. CRACKYL magazine offers relevant information to firefighters that can not only improve your health, but also your quality of life. It’s a fantastic resource that every firefighter will benefit from reading.

  3. Eric H (verified owner)

    I just subscribed to CRACKYL and can’t get enough. So much info meant for the fire service. I subscribed to print and online for access all the time and ability to hang relevant articles around the station.

  4. Matthew Bucala

    If you’re a firefighter or involved in the fire service in any way, then CRACKYL Magazine is a must-read. What sets CRACKYL apart from other fire service magazines is that it provides information that can improve your life both in the firehouse and at home. The magazine does a fantastic job of bringing together various aspects of life such as health, relationships, and stress. The articles are both visually appealing, easy to understand, and straight to the point. And while the magazine touches on important issues is does so in a way that can provide you with many positive solutions. The leadership at CRACKYL is also top-notch as they welcome stories and photos from members adding real-world value to the magazine. I would highly recommend signing up for a subscription to the magazine as I have already found a lot of useful information.

  5. John Hofman

    CRACKYL brings a brilliant approach to firefighter health and wellness. There is a lot of information out their in the mainstream media about exercise, nutrition, and well being but it is spread out and often times confusing. CRACKYL has done a brilliant job bringing together SME’s who provide specific information to its readers on a variety of wellness topics that are often not discussed. It is always a great benefit when you can find so many great topics in one magazine. I would recommend CRACKYL magazine to anyone who works or has a loved one in the fire service. Remember – Fit for Duty, Fit for Life!

  6. Ben T

    CRACKYL Magazine seems to have a nice variety of topics that would be useful for any firefighter! Some of the topics would be useful for other emergency responders as well. Overall, I think it’s a valuable resource, and hopefully it can reach more people!

  7. Ryan Provencher

    Thank you CRACKYL Magazine! I really appreciate the fantastic content that you provide in your magazine and on your website. We have had access to “trade magazines” for decades, but I have not seen anything that covers “lifestyle” issues that we all face as firefighters at work and at home. CRACKYL provides tips from experts in the areas of health, fitness, finances, relationships, and so much more. It is great to have access to a single resource that covers the topics that are important to us and the people that care about us. I highly recommend CRACKYL Magazine to anyone connected to the fire service.

  8. Shannon Wallace (verified owner)

    CRACKYL is the magazine modern firefighters have been looking for! Practical content that ranges from firehouse antidotes, mental and physical health, relationships – both personal and professional, to shining a light on fellow first responders making an impact in this world. The all access subscription is affordable and makes reading easy. Whether it be on the road, in the firehouse, or at home, you won’t want to put it down. Highly recommend an extra copy for your Fire House, it will be hot with the crew the minute you put it out.

  9. Jim McDonald

    I think CRACKYL is a great magazine. As a firefighter of 6 years and a professional strength coach of 19 years, I think this brings a lot of great information and value to the fire service. There are a lot of great SME with many different ways of sharing great information. I truly enjoy the content and overall mission of the magazine. I look forward to each edition and what is coming next.

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