Firefighting is a career of extremes that cannot be left at the office. Firefighters deal with life and death on a daily basis and are usually unable to debrief completely before heading home. Many firefighters find it difficult, if not impossible, to discuss work with their loved ones. We combine both on-duty and off-duty topics to provide firefighters with the tools required to deal with the stressors of firefighting.

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Do You Have a Workplace Bully?

There are many good things about working in Fire. One of them is the sense of “brotherhood” and “family” that is frequently brought up. But what happens when this isn’t the case? What happens when you are working in a station or on a crew that doesn’t get along?

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What’s the Problem, Firefighter?

Where you are on the leadership track, whether just starting out, midway through, or on the back half full of reflection and wisdom, oftentimes will reflect your comfort zone when it comes to dealing with problems. Those just beginning their climb up the ranks may see things narrowly with a straight “wrong or right” attitude when dealing with non-incident problems or station issues.

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6 Ways to Be a Great Teammate

When greeting new Recruits, one of our Captains will often say, “I am here for We, and We are here for Them”. This quote sets the tone for the Academy and establishes a culture of ownership and teamwork in new Recruits.

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