People love a person in uniform and firefighters are at the top of that list. While most firefighters can start a new relationship with ease, some may lack the knowledge of how to turn it into a more meaningful partnership beyond the initial stage. We focus not only on dating and marriage but also on the relationships that firefighters have with other family members, friends and fellow firefighters.


Keeping Your Relationship In Focus

How well do you know your partner? Many of us have assumptions about our partners based on limited personal experience. Spending ‘alone time’ together forces us to recognize who we are and who our partners are.

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Comparison: The Joy Thief

Mark Twain said it best: “Comparison is the death of joy.”  This sentiment has roots that stretch back to Biblical times, yet comparing ourselves, our families and our career successes to those around us can be a hard habit to break. 

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If you are willing to look at yourself, acknowledge where a change needs to happen and make the change, your perception of life will dramatically increase for the better. I sat there reading my response to the text that I was just about to send. Then, it hit me. I was replying the exact same …

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We all want high quality, high frequency sex with our partners. There are some deep-rooted traditions in the fire department, such as the Maltese cross, shiny red fire trucks and, of course, Dalmatians. Some departments have specific traditions that only they keep and embrace. But one tradition that may or may not be as common is: …

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While being vulnerable emotionally can be as nerve-wracking as an emergency scenario, it is mandatory to stay close with your other half. The news is scary. The constant Hollywood movie headlines seem like fiction, not real-life. So, what does a pandemic mean for the relationships of firefighters? We still need to eat, exercise, save members …

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