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Why CBD is Being Used to Calm the Mind

If CBD doesn’t make you feel high, why are people using it to reduce stress or “calm the mind”? Research into CBD has shown it has multiple effects on the brain from reducing symptoms of anxiety all the way up to reducing seizures. 

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Broken Rituals

Mourn the loss of the ways you enjoyed. Grief and mourning can be powerful and positive emotions when given the right expression and forum.

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How To Keep Work Stress From Hurting Your Relationship

Have you ever been the target of someone else’s emotional outburst? It’s generally shocking and disorienting. You were going along with your day and suddenly you are dealing with an unexpected verbal assault. At the end of it all, you are frustrated, scared, and maybe even humiliated. What did you do to deserve that? 

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What Matters As A Firefighter

What will matter thirty years from now? You must decide today if being injured or killed is part of the job. I pray that none of you are ever faced with a World Trade Center event. Since that infamous day, which we all vicariously experienced,  the fire service now has a new understanding of what is possible. Your job over the next thirty years is to act on the probable to ensure your safety, health, and survival.

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