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Why CBD is Being Used to Calm the Mind

By Jon Vought, Rescue CBD

If CBD doesn’t make you feel high, why are people using it to reduce stress or “calm the mind”? Research into CBD has shown it has multiple effects on the brain from reducing symptoms of anxiety all the way up to reducing seizures. 

While CBD research is still fairly new, experts are starting to understand one very interesting action of CBD that they believe is a significant factor in being able to “calm the mind”. That action is the effect on serotonin.

CBD research

A research group in 2020 analyzed 76 studies published in 2019 and 2020 on the effects of CBD on anxiety, depression, panic attacks, and dementia. What did they find?

“With 70.6% of favorable results in [this review], CBD appears as a promising option in the treatment of anxiety, stress, and similar behaviors”

The majority of studies performed by researchers and scientists around the globe pointed at the same thing: CBD had positive effects on the symptoms of anxiety and stress. Those of us looking for natural ways to deal with stress and/or anxiety could find some value in this since the other options are usually prescribed.

Job-related stress is a problem

Besides the standard feelings of stress and burnout that are compounded by poor sleep, the inward signs and symptoms that aren’t always visible are very dangerous. 

Chronic states of stress contribute to chronic inflammation. I’ve written about chronic inflammation in previous emails, but if you haven’t read them, trust me, it sucks. During chronic inflammation, we’re creating strain on our body’s systems and organs. Inflammation is a big contributor to heart disease, diabetes, and neurogenic problems like Parkinson’s and dementia. 

I’m not saying that if you eliminate stress, you won’t have to worry about those medical issues, but we should do everything we can to reduce our risk to them, shouldn’t we? Obviously, we have to start with the basics like a good diet, exercise and optimizing what sleep you are able to get. But, you also have to reduce your stress. And if you can do it naturally, that would be even better!

Taking CBD

Taking CBD to “calm the mind” can be done in a few ways. The fastest absorption (and shortest-lasting) is via vaping. I’m not a fan of vape cartridges due to the amount of chemicals and ingredients in them other than CBD. I’m not a pulmonologist, but I’m skeptical about putting anything except clean air into my lungs. 

Gummies and capsules can be effective if they’re made to absorb well into the stomach. This usually means that it’s expensive since CBD does not like to mix with water and will not absorb well in your stomach unless it’s specifically formulated to do so.

Sublingual oil is the most common route for its effectiveness and cost. Absorbing CBD under the tongue means that you’ll increase the absorption rate over the stomach and it’ll take effect more quickly. The onset of CBD can take up to an hour on average and will last 6 hours on average. Take this into consideration if you’re taking it for mood support since you’ll have to plan for that 1 hour kick-in time.

CBD is very safe to take. Studies have shown people taking up to 1500 mg at once with no notable side effects. The FDA does not regulate CBD, so there are no recommended doses. It’s always a good idea to start with 1 dropper and increase from there. 

Dosing correctly is vital

Keep in mind, the dose matters. Successful outcomes on CBD for anxiety start at 30 mg and go up to 300 mg. Anything above 300 mg is a waste, however, as studies showed humans don’t have any increased benefit above that amount. Always check with your doc before taking CBD especially if you’re already prescribed meds, CBD can affect the strength of prescription medications.

Jon Vought is a firefighter/paramedic on the job in South Florida who currently holds the rank of Lieutenant with 13 years of experience. He started Rescue 1 CBD in 2020 on a mission to bring CBD into the mainstream of the US Fire Service.

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