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Is it a Myth or Reality? Knee Injuries in Female Firefighters 

When looking at injuries among firefighters over the last decade, we have seen a gradual decline in overall injuries (NFPA – Firefighter Injuries on the Fireground 2022).  When looking at musculoskeletal injuries specifically, most might think that low back injuries account for the majority of recorded injuries.  However, the lower extremity accounts for 19% of recorded injuries with the upper extremity accounting for 17%, the shoulder 12%, and the spine accounting for 3% (NFPA – Firefighter Injuries on the Fireground 2022).  When looking at lower extremity injuries, the knee is the most injured joint.  

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Flipping the Script on Reactive Support (From Behind the Line S1E1)

As a trauma therapist who works with First Responders and Front Line Workers, I get a unique vantage point and the opportunity to hear what is really coming up for those of you serving on the front lines. Consistently, one of the complaints I hear about involves the ways in which access to support tends to be reactive and the ways this misses the mark.

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The Future of Fire – Continuous Therapeutic Management

What is continuous therapeutic management? This is an advanced approach to combating the physiological and cognitive disparities that firefighters put their bodies through. This is the method for addressing the issues that firefighters face and provides an actionable process if implemented for decreasing dual hazards faced by firefighters.

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What Role Does Skincare Play for Firefighters?

Firefighters risk their lives to save others, but do they know what risks their own? While I have nothing but admiration for our heroes, I feel obligated to shed light on some important facts pertinent to skin care… something that I, your holistic dermatologist mama, am truly passionate about.

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Celebrating 100 Years With The CSFA

Celebrating 100 years has the California State Firefighters Association beaming with pride as they reflect on the last 100 years and prepare for the next. Not many associations, let alone individuals, obtain the esteemed title of becoming a centennial, but the CSFA does so with honor as they attribute their noteworthy journey to the members and firefighters who volunteer their time and skills to the framework of the CSFA.

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6 Ways to Be a Great Teammate

When greeting new Recruits, one of our Captains will often say, “I am here for We, and We are here for Them”. This quote sets the tone for the Academy and establishes a culture of ownership and teamwork in new Recruits.

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