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Wait… Are We the Problem?

I often wonder why the fire service isn’t better off than it is, and as any good firefighter does, I begin to formulate plans that will fix all of these problems. Get two or more firefighters involved in the problem-solving process for even better results. This proven technique has stood the test of time in quickly pinpointing those who are to blame. However, if you find yourself in one of those honest moments of reflection, you might discover some things that make the wheels fall off of all those theories. You might realize that you are the problem. 

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When Art Stands Next to Fire: Denny Kimball

For Denny Kimball, his first love was always art. Growing up in Seattle, he remembers his mom hand-drawing houses for real estate flyers or spinning wool and he took a keen interest in her passions. Throughout high school and college, he took art classes and was even accepted into a graphic design course, but changed his ambitions to focus on a career in firefighting.

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Firefighting and the Paranormal

"Have you ever had an experience you just couldn’t explain? Perhaps you’ve walked into an empty room at the firehouse and had the inexplicable feeling that you weren’t alone. Maybe the air felt strangely cold. Did you glimpse a face in the window when you knew no one was there?"

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Return to Firefighting Operations: 5 Phases to Help Plan Your Comeback

Firefighting is a demanding job that requires us to be response-ready when the call comes in. Unfortunately, many of us experience physical injuries in our careers that send us to the sidelines for an extended period. I have personally experienced this several times over my career, and I have found it helpful to map out the “Return to Firefighting Operations” in 5 Phases.

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Create a Fire Flow Path

When we show up to a structure fire, we know that there are a lot of different variables working against us and our ability to successfully put the fire out with the least amount of loss. One of those variables is what’s known as a “flow path”. 

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How Do We Maintain Our Love For The Job?

This question was posed to me and I recall when initially joining as a career firefighter, our Fire Chief stood in front of our hiring class asking us to remember how we felt in that moment. She encouraged us to capture those feelings and shared that along our career journey, we may need to reflect on how proud we felt and remember why we took the oath to serve and protect. I have reflected on that moment numerous times. 

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