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Can You Afford Not to Follow Your SOGs?

The truth is, it could be easy to overlook examining your simple policies and everyday tasks in the wake of more glaring and glooming risks. However, when you’re in the fire service, you can’t afford to do so. It’s important for every person in your department to understand that all of your policies and guidelines exist for a reason and that you’re never immune to experiencing the most severe consequence of any operation. We’re in a field that requires us to get it right, every time. 

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Does Unresolved Trauma Create Poor Leadership?

It’s no secret today that as first responders, we are faced with a constant gauntlet of various types of traumas. In its simplest form, just showing up for a shift or call exposes you to a situation most in society will never experience, never mind endure time and time again. Big city, small town, volunteer or full-time, we immerse ourselves into the worst days of the public in the name of helping others.

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Make Willpower Work for YOU!

No one ever argues against the concept of willpower:  it’s a great tool to have in your shed. Wise self-regulation is key to many social and interpersonal relationships, keeps us out of trouble,  and can determine how well we do at reaching long-term goals.

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On the first day, give them more than just knowledge 

My first day on the job is one I will never forget. As green as a five-dollar bill, I was following my crew members around like a lost puppy. I was just trying to soak up as much as I could from the veterans so I didn’t mess up and do something embarrassing. Full of anxiety and fear of being judged as unworthy of my new position, I was trying to get through the day. 

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