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Shrinks Unwrapped: FAQs About First Responder Therapy

Retired Fire Lieutenant David Dachinger joins forces with seasoned psychotherapists Dr. Stacy Raymond and Bonnie Rumilly, LCSW, EMT-B, to peel back the layers of responder therapy. Titled “Shrinks Unwrapped: The Inside Scoop on Responder Therapy,” this Responder Resilience episode, which aired on May 22nd, 2024, offers a rare glimpse inside a psychotherapist’s office and what a first responder client can expect to experience during a therapy session.

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How to Straddle the Detachment Line

It’s common to think that being detached is not so great. Detached people are considered cold, aloof and indifferent. We make assumptions that if a person is detached, they must be disconnected from their work, family, spirituality or other important elements of being human. 

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Re-Wire Your Lizard Brain’s Response to Danger

Neuroscientists would argue that risk-takers behave more irrationally... no matter how great the risk to self. Do you have a “lizard brain?” Well, you sort of do. The more primitive parts of the human brain — the brain stem, cerebellum, and basal ganglia — are shared by lizards and humans. Charmingly, humans and lizards both inherited these parts of our brain from fish.

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Our Relationship with Morals

Around the kitchen table, there is no shortage of advice. We listen in on the newest relationship conflict, the justification for questionable behaviors, and the self-righteous indignation we are all susceptible to as either the participant or the bystander.   We subjectively define what is acceptable and rarely take the time to measure up our behavior to any particular standard.

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How Not to Stress the Small Stuff

Life’s little annoyances happen all the time. Have you noticed how you feel when they happen to you? Most of us have had a bad encounter with something or someone trivial at some point in our lives. Maybe we knocked over our drink a moment after pouring it, couldn’t find our keys when we were running late for work, or maybe our spouse snored a bit too loudly last night. 

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Peer Support: Two In, Two Out

Peer support has become a hot topic lately, and for good reason. The peer-to-peer support model has been around since the late 1700s and has been used to help improve health outcomes and quality of life for a range of mental and physical health conditions, including asthma, cancer, diabetes, and substance use disorder.  

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Chasing Humility: Self-Esteem Vs. Self-Doubt

While it’s perfectly normal – and refreshingly human – to have moments when we feel less than completely confident, long stretches of self-doubt can signal self-esteem problems. And statistics show that low self-esteem is one of the most uncovered issues when we seek counseling.

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Make Willpower Work for YOU!

No one ever argues against the concept of willpower:  it’s a great tool to have in your shed. Wise self-regulation is key to many social and interpersonal relationships, keeps us out of trouble,  and can determine how well we do at reaching long-term goals.

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Absolving Yourself of Guilt

It’s very difficult having so much responsibility. What is yours? What is not? For all the lives and property you save, for all the people you help, it is often that one that you couldn’t save, or whose outcome was dire, that brings guilt into your heart. It’s hard to shoulder the weight of having someone’s life or livelihood in your hands. 

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