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Re-Wire Your Lizard Brain’s Response to Danger

Neuroscientists would argue that risk-takers behave more irrationally... no matter how great the risk to self. Do you have a “lizard brain?” Well, you sort of do. The more primitive parts of the human brain — the brain stem, cerebellum, and basal ganglia — are shared by lizards and humans. Charmingly, humans and lizards both inherited these parts of our brain from fish.

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Ambiguous Loss & the Firefighter

His toothbrush is by the sink. Her sandals are by the door. They are part of our lives, but they aren’t here for days, weeks, or sometimes months, depending on their role as a firefighter (e.g., municipal, wildland, strike teams).

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How Not to Stress the Small Stuff

Life’s little annoyances happen all the time. Have you noticed how you feel when they happen to you? Most of us have had a bad encounter with something or someone trivial at some point in our lives. Maybe we knocked over our drink a moment after pouring it, couldn’t find our keys when we were running late for work, or maybe our spouse snored a bit too loudly last night. 

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Nature as Medicine

There’s a strong correlation between exposure to nature and positive health outcomes. But how much nature do you need to lower your stress level, lift your spirits and protect your health? 

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Turn the Heat up with Hot Yoga

Hot yoga—usually practicing Hatha or vinyasa at about 104 degrees F for about an hour— has become popular in recent years but buy-in from the fire service is still a challenge. Hot Yoga is not just stretching, it's purposeful movement, and it has something for everyone. 

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Is Your Emotional Bank Full?

When was the last time a significant other said, “You treat the general public better than you treat me?” Ouch. And the follow-up to that question is this response, “They pay my salary!” Well, it is a fair question, and depending on who the significant other is, it might carry much more significance. However, I do not endorse that response as it carries a lot of pain and anguish. 

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Return to Firefighting Operations: 5 Phases to Help Plan Your Comeback

Firefighting is a demanding job that requires us to be response-ready when the call comes in. Unfortunately, many of us experience physical injuries in our careers that send us to the sidelines for an extended period. I have personally experienced this several times over my career, and I have found it helpful to map out the “Return to Firefighting Operations” in 5 Phases.

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