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Do You Have A Hostile Workplace?

There are many good things about working in Fire. One of them is the sense of “brotherhood” and “family” that is frequently brought up. But a workplace bully can sour that brotherhood. But what happens when this isn’t the case? What happens when you are working in a station or on a crew that simply doesn’t get along? 

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Our Relationship with Morals

Around the kitchen table, there is no shortage of advice. We listen in on the newest relationship conflict, the justification for questionable behaviors, and the self-righteous indignation we are all susceptible to as either the participant or the bystander.   We subjectively define what is acceptable and rarely take the time to measure up our behavior to any particular standard.

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How do We Maintain Our Love for the Job?

From a broad perspective, it is essential that our industry remains relevant and strives to meet the needs of our respective communities. Relevancy is often associated with funding approval and municipal support. There are several ways to increase awareness and involvement which may lend toward our goal of maintaining our love for the job. 

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Make Willpower Work for YOU!

No one ever argues against the concept of willpower:  it’s a great tool to have in your shed. Wise self-regulation is key to many social and interpersonal relationships, keeps us out of trouble,  and can determine how well we do at reaching long-term goals.

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Anchoring Into What Matters (From Behind the Line S1E4)

There was a time a couple of years ago when my kids got curious about our family traditions. They started out asking about Christmas traditions, and we talked about the various traditions our family has incorporated over the years, like filling and opening our homemade advent calendars, going out to cut down our own Christmas tree, the music we choose when we decorate the tree… Through these conversations, I realized how much we have built over the years, and how these highlight what we value about the season.

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