People love a person in uniform and firefighters are at the top of that list. While most firefighters can start a new relationship with ease, some may lack the knowledge of how to turn it into a more meaningful partnership beyond the initial stage. We focus not only on dating and marriage but also on the relationships that firefighters have with other family members, friends and fellow firefighters.


Wait… Are We the Problem?

I often wonder why the fire service isn’t better off than it is, and as any good firefighter does, I begin to formulate plans that will fix all of these problems. Get two or more firefighters involved in the problem-solving process for even better results. This proven technique has stood the test of time in quickly pinpointing those who are to blame. However, if you find yourself in one of those honest moments of reflection, you might discover some things that make the wheels fall off of all those theories. You might realize that you are the problem. 

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Maintaining Marital Bliss

Marriage can be difficult, primarily when one or both partners work high-stress jobs with long shifts. It can be challenging to meet with your schedules. Add children to the mix, and nurturing your relationship may seem impossible. But, as my mom says, where there is a will, there is a way.

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Basic Boundaries in Healthy Relationships

What do we mean by boundaries? Boundaries can be described as where you end and I begin. Or more succinctly, your personal boundaries are your limits. This includes physical distance/affection, time, mental, emotional or financial investments. Not everyone has the same boundaries, some people don’t have any at all! These people are often exhausted, resentful, and/or frustrated. Sound familiar?

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Do You Have A Hostile Workplace?

There are many good things about working in Fire. One of them is the sense of “brotherhood” and “family” that is frequently brought up. But a workplace bully can sour that brotherhood. But what happens when this isn’t the case? What happens when you are working in a station or on a crew that simply doesn’t get along? 

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Does Unresolved Trauma Create Poor Leadership?

It’s no secret today that as first responders, we are faced with a constant gauntlet of various types of traumas. In its simplest form, just showing up for a shift or call exposes you to a situation most in society will never experience, never mind endure time and time again. Big city, small town, volunteer or full-time, we immerse ourselves into the worst days of the public in the name of helping others.

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How do We Maintain Our Love for the Job?

From a broad perspective, it is essential that our industry remains relevant and strives to meet the needs of our respective communities. Relevancy is often associated with funding approval and municipal support. There are several ways to increase awareness and involvement which may lend toward our goal of maintaining our love for the job. 

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Anchoring Into What Matters (From Behind the Line S1E4)

There was a time a couple of years ago when my kids got curious about our family traditions. They started out asking about Christmas traditions, and we talked about the various traditions our family has incorporated over the years, like filling and opening our homemade advent calendars, going out to cut down our own Christmas tree, the music we choose when we decorate the tree… Through these conversations, I realized how much we have built over the years, and how these highlight what we value about the season.

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On the first day, give them more than just knowledge 

My first day on the job is one I will never forget. As green as a five-dollar bill, I was following my crew members around like a lost puppy. I was just trying to soak up as much as I could from the veterans so I didn’t mess up and do something embarrassing. Full of anxiety and fear of being judged as unworthy of my new position, I was trying to get through the day. 

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