Money makes the world go around. Providing invaluable information to help firefighters understand their money and finances, they will quickly see it’s not how much you make, but how much you save. We teach firefighters — notorious bargain hunters who love a good deal — how to keep their hard-earned money in the bank, revealing money managing strategies, tips and suggestions on budgeting as well as retirement planning and understanding debt.


Become the CEO of Your Cash Flow

"It probably wasn’t money that drew you to this job: nevertheless, if managed well, your firefighting salary can enable you to both live well and achieve long-term financial success. You can exchange financial stress for financial success by taking command of your cash flow."

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Your Money Should Work as Hard as You Do

Let’s say you have a little money. You know you should be doing something with it to prepare for the future. But when faced with all the options out there, sometimes it feels like the easiest option is just to put it in your bank account and forget about it.

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Money Doesn’t Have to be Complicated

Building wealth is simple. But that doesn't mean it’s easy. Buy-now-pay-later makes it appealing to consume goods we can’t afford, while the temptation of getting rich quickly can lure you into trading crypto on obscure Reddit tips. You may think complicated financial products and strategies will bring fast wealth and while that can occasionally be true, it certainly isn’t for most of us. 

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Are You Prepared for Retirement?

When we begin our careers, retirement looms like a distant oasis, the place where we’ll enjoy our reward after years of hard work. We’ll relax, and spend the rest of our lives traveling, living large, and doing all the things we put off while we were working. 

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