Money makes the world go around. Providing invaluable information to help firefighters understand their money and finances, they will quickly see it’s not how much you make, but how much you save. We teach firefighters — notorious bargain hunters who love a good deal — how to keep their hard-earned money in the bank, revealing money managing strategies, tips and suggestions on budgeting as well as retirement planning and understanding debt.


Don’t Wait Until It Hits The Fan To Make A Plan

You've been to the doctor again. You learned you have 24 hours left to live. This question isn't about what you would do with the little time left. Ask yourself, "What feelings am I experiencing? What regrets and unfulfilled dreams come to mind? What do I wish I had done in this life?"

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Strategies For Retirement

Retirement planning. Don’t let these two words scare you. While the thought of determining pensions, government benefits, retirement age and lifestyle goals send some people running in the opposite direction, it doesn’t have to be a head-spinning experience. The trick is to use an expert who can help you to build a solid, secure plan for your future. 

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Are You Living Paycheck To Paycheck?

For some, the end of each month approaches with the painful realization that there is not enough money to cover all our expenses. One solution might be to get a second job, or even a higher paying job. But that is not always a possibility, particularly if we enjoy our current job.

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Is Financial Stress Making You Sick And Tired?

It’s past midnight and you know you should be sleeping, but your brain is on overdrive and your body is restless. Your credit card is past due and your bank account is in the red. Your oldest is also applying to post-secondary schools, but you don’t know how to tell her that there’s no education fund. Then, there’s the money you owe your brother.

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6 Strategies To Extinguish Your Debt

Debt is an oppressive burden resting on your shoulders during the day that turns into a weight on your chest as you lie awake at night. It’s like a fire that becomes harder to battle with each gust of wind or swipe of the credit card. Debt ruins relationships and destroys futures, and it also has the power to deteriorate a person’s self-esteem and overall health. It sounds heavy, right? Well, it is. 

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6 Quick Tips To Save More Money

We all have good intentions when it comes to saving money, but sometimes the hardest part is starting. Maybe you find yourself waiting for a milestone, like turning a certain age or getting a raise, or you rob your savings to fulfill your need for more wants. Either way, it’s easy to feel stuck. Here’s a dose of reality for you: you’ll only start saving money when you make it a priority. 

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