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Building Her Own Box

Firefighters all have unique journeys with many stories to tell from the profession. For Clare Frank, her journey is anything but ordinary and she honors these experiences in her new book, Burnt: A Memoir of Fighting Fire.

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Beyond Bricks: Architect Robert Mitchell Designs Fire Stations with Safety at the Core

In an exclusive interview, Cres Guard sat down with Robert (Bob) Mitchell, an architect with Wendel Companies. With a remarkable career designing public safety facilities spanning back to 1993, Bob has been the creative mind behind the design of more than 200 fire and police stations. His years of experience and hundreds of municipal interactions have taught him much about public safety departments and their intricate operations.

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Does Unresolved Trauma Create Poor Leadership?

It’s no secret today that as first responders, we are faced with a constant gauntlet of various types of traumas. In its simplest form, just showing up for a shift or call exposes you to a situation most in society will never experience, never mind endure time and time again. Big city, small town, volunteer or full-time, we immerse ourselves into the worst days of the public in the name of helping others.

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Are Antioxidants the Key to a Healthier Fire Service?

It's no secret that firefighting is an exhilarating but dangerous job. Exposure to pollutants, trauma, sleep deprivation, and high-intensity work can cause free radical damage that accumulates over a 25+ year career. This damage contributes to firefighters' increased risk of cancer and cardiovascular disease. Antioxidants can help fight free radical damage. Could antioxidants be the answer to improving health in the fire service?

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