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Negative Bias and Gratitude 

As a species, our brains have kept us safe from predators, rival tribes, dangerous situations, and the environment for generations through our sympathetic nervous system and the fight, flight or freeze response. We are attuned at a very primal level to sensing danger and being ever watchful for it. We are even able to deal with very stressful situations, process these, move from fight, flight and freeze and then regulate, through homeostasis back to our rest and digest state.  But something happened to us along the way. 

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Neurochemistry For The Tactical Athlete

“Mindset and physical performance are linked. They feed each other. Physical training toughens the mind. Being mentally tough allows you to extend the limits of your physicality. It doesn’t matter how mentally tough you are if you lose all situational awareness because your heart rate is twice as high as it should be moving up a staircase with 80 pounds of bunker gear on.”

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