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Anchoring Into What Matters (From Behind the Line S1E4)

There was a time a couple of years ago when my kids got curious about our family traditions. They started out asking about Christmas traditions, and we talked about the various traditions our family has incorporated over the years, like filling and opening our homemade advent calendars, going out to cut down our own Christmas tree, the music we choose when we decorate the tree… Through these conversations, I realized how much we have built over the years, and how these highlight what we value about the season.

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How To Keep Work Stress From Hurting Your Relationship

Have you ever been the target of someone else’s emotional outburst? It’s generally shocking and disorienting. You were going along with your day and suddenly you are dealing with an unexpected verbal assault. At the end of it all, you are frustrated, scared, and maybe even humiliated. What did you do to deserve that? 

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Find And Keep A Good Therapist

By: Jeffrey Hosick We see people at the worst moments of their lives. We see things we have no way to rationalize. I have been in the counselling business for 30 years and a firefighter for almost 25 years. I credit my longevity with having a therapist. Even though I am one myself, I need …

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How To Improve Brain Function Under Stress

Stress can keep us up at night, increase anxiety, affect relationships and diminish enjoyment of life. But, did you know that stress can be an ally? It’s true. Stress doesn’t have to be the enemy; in fact, we can actually learn to use stress to up our game, and this is especially good news when it comes to our brains.

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