Firefighting is a career of extremes that cannot be left at the office. Firefighters deal with life and death on a daily basis and are usually unable to debrief completely before heading home. Many firefighters find it difficult, if not impossible, to discuss work with their loved ones. We combine both on-duty and off-duty topics to provide firefighters with the tools required to deal with the stressors of firefighting.

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Great Podcasts for Your Drive Home

Do you ever dread the commute? Stuck in traffic, the radio blasting the same tired playlists? It's time to reclaim your drive time! Turn your car into a classroom, a gym for your mind, or a laugh-out-loud zone with these fantastic podcasts perfectly suited for the journey to and from work.

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Basic Boundaries in Healthy Relationships

What do we mean by boundaries? Boundaries can be described as where you end and I begin. Or more succinctly, your personal boundaries are your limits. This includes physical distance/affection, time, mental, emotional or financial investments. Not everyone has the same boundaries, some people don’t have any at all! These people are often exhausted, resentful, and/or frustrated. Sound familiar?

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