STRESSPersonalIf You’re Stressed, Choose Activity

If You’re Stressed, Choose Activity

By: Dan Rogers rxRecourse, Co-Founder & Head Coach

Just be stressed and workout. Simple right? When your system is processing trauma, feeling heavy, unsure, dealing with the unknown and thinking flight or flight – CHOOSE ACTIVITY. 

Choosing activity when you are the most stressed does not mean:  
  • A workout only qualifies or checks the box if it is a 90+ minute session perfectly prescribed warm up, weights, cardio and core.
  • Having to lift heavy, or do high intensity stuff, or it be anything that resembles activity in comparison to when you are not high stress. It’s allowed to evolve day to day and be different. 
  • Doing the perfect program. 
  • Doing what someone else is doing for their fitness that day. 
  • A workout session that feels awesome start to finish.
  • A workout session that was the same as the last time you did fitness on that same day.
  • A workout session that is full body!
  • A workout is only for your physical self. (more on this below)
  • Many other things.
Now, what does choosing activity when you are the most stressed really mean? 
  • Something is better than nothing. Mentally and emotionally.
  • You will sweat, ignite, pump, jam, flex, huff, puff and process.
  • When you are the most stressed, do not isolate, connect. Activity is a GREAT way to connect with others. 
  • Focus on the finish of the workout as that finish / task completion is where you get the good chemical return that will help you process some of your stress. Help you burn off some of your stress. (Dopamine, Endorphins).
  • Being active is a positive stress management tool and it can be free ( push ups, walk, run, jump, lunge, squat etc).
  • Being active is repeatable and accessible. 
  • A device free brisk walk in nature or simply outside has tremendous heart health, mental health and physical health benefits. Device free and brisk. 10-30 minutes. Free. Huge return on time.

When you are feeling the most stressed about work; try choosing activity as a positive stress management tool to help yourself process, digest, and regenerate. 

Coach Dan – rxRecourse CO-Founder, Head Coach @rxRecourse (IG, FB, LinkedIn)

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